Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Worship Prayers - Lent 3C - March 03

Approaching God

Welcome & Announcements


Gathering Song

Call to Worship

Youth:   We come here to praise the Lord and to honor His great deeds throughout the Earth.
All:         We have been summoned in Christ’s Name and cheerfully responded to His Call.
Youth:   Let us gladly worship the One True and Living God. Amen.

Prayer of Adoration and Confession

Guide:                  Sovereign Lord of the Universe, we praise Your glorious ways and bless Your wonderful Name. We are honored at being called into Your Holy Presence. We feel favored when You summon us to Your Holy House of praise and prayer.

People:                 Loving Lord of Life, You rule over the Earth and see all of its ways. You know that we are sinful and selfish, foolish and faithless, as well as proud and pitiless at times.  Forgive our faults and pardon our past mistakes. We have neglected to do good deeds, and have inflicted hurt on other people. We have followed our own foolhardy ways and allowed temptation to contaminate our souls. Hear us now as we inwardly confess our sins to You alone.

Guide:                  Heavenly Father, help us to honor You by placing Christ at the center of our lives. May His Passion free us from our sins. May His sacrifice restore us to Your Favor. In Christ’s Name, we pray and through His own words, we unite our hearts, saying, “Our Father…THE LORD’s PRAYER” (debts/debtors)

Promise of the Gospel:
Guide:                   Jesus wants us to turn away from sinful ways and return to Him. He calls us to follow Him and be witnesses of His mercy. Our past sins are forgiven because He loves us. We honor Christ’s authority over our lives by asking for His redeeming grace. Let us rejoice and be glad, for Christ is our Savior and we are eternally restored to God’s favor and blessing. Amen.

Gloria Patri (sung in unison):                    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost.
                                                As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. Amen.

Children’s Sermon


Encountering God

Prayers for Health and Healing

Pastor:                 Lord, we proclaim Your love this morning and thank You for Your faithfulness to us. You make us glad through Your wonderful deeds; we rejoice in the work of Your healing hands.
People: Loving Lord, we know that You understand us perfectly, and that You think about us constantly. May we flourish by Your grace; may we be healed through Your mercy.
Pastor:  In the midst of our illnesses, be our salvation. During times of depression or despair, be our defender and deliverer. Loving Lord, look after our loved ones and heal them of all that harms them in body, mind, heart and soul. Hear us now as we pray.

Silent Prayers for others and ourselves. A candle is lit

Pastor: The Lord is our righteousness, our peace and strength. He loves and restores us in Jesus’ Name, Amen.
                                (Healing Prayer based on words & phrases from Psalm 92)

Prayer for Illumination                
Reader:                 Holy Spirit, enable us to judge between right and wrong through the guidance of these scriptures. Open our hearts and minds to Christ’s teaching, so that we may please and obey God every day. In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

Scripture Readings                         

The Message & Apostles’ Creed

Serving God

Offering & Offertory     

Dedication (in unison – led by pastor): Lord Jesus, You have revealed Your ways through the Living Word of the scriptures. In response, we gather together our tithes and offerings, placing them into Your keeping. We ask that You will bless these tokens and enable us to use them for the many ministries and missions You have called us to pursue and fulfill. In Your Holy Name, we give and pray. Amen. 



Benediction (in unison):  May the Living God of all hope fill us with joy and peace as we daily trust in His Son Jesus Christ, so that we may overflow with the love and the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout our lives. In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God forevermore. Amen.

Doxology& Postlude

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